Why Breathwork

Breathwork is a somatic experience that helps us release trauma through the body and not only through verbal articulation. It helps us to gain consciousness and the necessary understanding of anything that is not easy accessible through traditional therapy. 

It is a gentle approach that uses breath as a tool in order to access our subconscious, allowing us to transcend the mind, gain clarity and release emotions as well as past traumas of birth and childhood.

It is through this process and often used along with Self-Inquiry techniques that we can bring clarity and purpose to our lives, at the same time it allows the body to repair itself on a cellular level.

Breathwork is in essence a deep dive into the center of our own being.

*This method is trauma-informed.


While the mind is in a deep state of meditation, we are able to uncover things about ourselves that have created a burden in our life up until now. 

These uncoverings often function as the catalyst towards the liberation that the self is longing for. 

Most recent studies in the world of therapy have shown that one does not fully integrate those new uncoverings on purely the psychological level but that they need to be integrated as well on a physical level, through the body itself.

Breathwork, being a somatic experience, gives you the tool to get to those states of consciousness and also be able to fully integrate them through the body.

  • 70% of the toxins of the body are released through the breath itself - the more we breathe the more we release 
  • Reduces stress and increases energy and sense of well-being
  • Access the source of information of dis-ease and transforms it by understanding the thoughts and belief system behind it
  • Access expanded states of consciousness in order to bring clarity to our unique path and life purpose
  • Helps to heal wounds from the past including patterns and imprints of birth and childhood
  • Increases the experience of inner peace and surrender
  • Supports the spiritual awakening
  • Transcends the mind and emotions towards the awakening to the truth of who you really are