Each session is a completely unique experience; a journey that is beyond the explanation of words.

With the power of the breath we call in the energy to activate the body's natural memory, a tingling radiance is felt flowing through the body taking you into a place of deep relaxation.

It’s in this deeply surrendered and nourishing state that the body, mind and spirit can begin to let go of and unravel old patterns creating space for the body to naturally come into its own true alignment.

For the Group Breathwork & Meditation sessions a mix of breath, movement, dancing, sound and silence will be used as the tools during these four weeks.

Black Stripes

Individual Breathwork


Each individual session takes around 2 hours of time and consist of the following:

40 min.

Interview and preparation

1 hour

Circular relaxed breathing

20 min.

after relaxation recovery period

Price: 130.00 $

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Black Stripes

Group Breathwork & Meditation


Group Breathwork sessions last 4 weeks (once a week)

Week 1

1.5 hrs. of Group Breathwork

Week 2

Movement meditation

Week 3

1.5 hrs. of Group Breathwork

Week 4

Movement meditation

Price: 130.00 $

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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

-Thich Nhat Hang

Not sure yet? Take advantage of our 20 minutes free consultation about Breathwork or Reiki.

*If you need help and you are in financial difficulties please feel free to reach out to us, we're always here to accommodate and help.


Reiki is an energy healing therapy that helps the movement of energy to flow through us, allowing the body to relax and  allowing the mind to let go.

This subtle energy touch is radiated through the hands helping the mind to create space for unprocessed thoughts to flow through.

A process of unwinding who we think we are and recognizing who we want to become.

This ancestral therapy treats body, emotions, mind and spirit creating a sense of relaxation, peace, security and wellbeing.

Direct Light

Individual Reiki


Each individual session takes a bit more than 1 hour of time and consist of the following:

15 min.

Interview and preparation

1 hour

Reiki session

Price: 60.00 $

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"Naran is like the angel that looks out for me when I have my breathing session. He's so receptive to me and allows me to be me. His presence even via Zoom is like a flow of feather-like energy. It's one thing to read books about healing and self-development and there's the missing puzzle which is Naran who I yearned in my healing journey long time ago". Sabba, Insurance broker; Montreal

"Naran is probably the most compassionate man I have met in my life! I was afraid to do breathwork with him in the beginning because I held so much trauma from childhood sex abuse, that I was ashamed of being seen by a man. He changed my beliefs about this 100%! through breathing with him, I was able to go deep into past traumas, bring them up for release and to see them in a totally new perspective which allowed me to learn "self-Love and self-Compassion" in place of shame and guilt. He is so real, so deep and so very gentle and kind. Do yourself a favor and work with him, it will change your life!".
Niki King, Registered Nurse; California

I've been dealing with depression and therapy for years with lackluster results. When my fiancee recommended breathing sessions I was quite skeptical, but eventually became open to it after her rave reviews.I've learned more about myself in one session with Naran than years of therapy. What was originally intended to be one session has now become a daily part of my routine.
I advocate breathwork for everyone.
S.C.-Finance Specialist; Montreal