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Welcome to our site, a place for you to discover the power of breathwork and your own inner strength.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we come out of the womb and it is the essence of life without us being conscious about it. Bringing awareness to our breath helps the body remember that inner fire that burns within and it’s impact on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Join us into a powerful deep journey to get to know and embrace all that is YOU. Gathering all the pieces that might be forgotten, fragmented or abandoned channeling them into acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and love. Empower yourself by being in harmony with your emotions and turning them into self-love, confidence and trust. 

Our life is a quest to try and gain clarity about those unanswered questions that lie within us and find our life purpose, questions like..

Where do I come from? Who am I? What is love? What is life?

Those answers are  the foundation of our being, our true nature. The power of the breath works as an accelerator in wherever you are on your journey, the breath is the master teacher and it will give you the guidance that you need with the intention to allow you to find what is true for you.

We invite you to join us using this gentle yet powerful approach in order to release, regain, and create new pathways that will reverberate in all aspects of your life.

A profound experience towards the center of ourselves.

Join us on this amazing journey!

*All sessions are offered in person or via Zoom worldwide in English French and Spanish.

Why Breathwork

Breathwork is a somatic experience that helps us release trauma through the body and not only through verbal articulation. It helps us to gain consciousness and the necessary understanding of anything that is not easy accessible through traditional therapy. 

It is a gentle approach that uses breath as a tool in order to access our subconscious, allowing us to transcend the mind, gain clarity and release emotions as well as past traumas of birth and childhood.

It is through this process and often used along with Self-Inquiry techniques that we can bring clarity and purpose to our lives, at the same time it allows the body to repair itself on a cellular level.

Breathwork is in essence a deep dive into the center of our own being.

*This method is trauma-informed.


While the mind is in a deep state of meditation, we are able to uncover things about ourselves that have created a burden in our life up until now. 

These uncoverings often function as the catalyst towards the liberation that the self is longing for. 

Most recent studies in the world of therapy have shown that one does not fully integrate those new uncoverings on purely the psychological level but that they need to be integrated as well on a physical level, through the body itself.

Breathwork, being a somatic experience, gives you the tool to get to those states of consciousness and also be able to fully integrate them through the body.

  • 70% of the toxins of the body are released through the breath itself - the more we breathe the more we release 
  • Reduces stress and increases energy and sense of well-being
  • Access the source of information of dis-ease and transforms it by understanding the thoughts and belief system behind it
  • Access expanded states of consciousness in order to bring clarity to our unique path and life purpose
  • Helps to heal wounds from the past including patterns and imprints of birth and childhood
  • Increases the experience of inner peace and surrender
  • Supports the spiritual awakening
  • Transcends the mind and emotions towards the awakening to the truth of who you really are



Each session is a completely unique experience; a journey that is beyond the explanation of words.

With the power of the breath we call in the energy to activate the body's natural memory, a tingling radiance is felt flowing through the body taking you into a place of deep relaxation.

It’s in this deeply surrendered and nourishing state that the body, mind and spirit can begin to let go of and unravel old patterns creating space for the body to naturally come into its own true alignment.

For the Group Breathwork & Meditation sessions a mix of breath, movement, dancing, sound and silence will be used as the tools during these four weeks.

Black Stripes

Individual Breathwork


Each individual session takes around 2 hours of time and consist of the following:

40 min.

Interview and preparation

1 hour

Circular relaxed breathing

20 min.

after relaxation recovery period

Price: 130.00 $

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Black Stripes

Group Breathwork & Meditation


Group Breathwork sessions last 4 weeks (once a week)

Week 1

1.5 hrs. of Group Breathwork

Week 2

Movement meditation

Week 3

1.5 hrs. of Group Breathwork

Week 4

Movement meditation

Price: 130.00 $

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“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

-Thich Nhat Hang

Not sure yet? Take advantage of our 20 minutes free consultation about Breathwork or Reiki.

*If you need help and you are in financial difficulties please feel free to reach out to us, we're always here to accommodate and help.


Reiki is an energy healing therapy that helps the movement of energy to flow through us, allowing the body to relax and  allowing the mind to let go.

This subtle energy touch is radiated through the hands helping the mind to create space for unprocessed thoughts to flow through.

A process of unwinding who we think we are and recognizing who we want to become.

This ancestral therapy treats body, emotions, mind and spirit creating a sense of relaxation, peace, security and wellbeing.

Direct Light

Individual Reiki


Each individual session takes a bit more than 1 hour of time and consist of the following:

15 min.

Interview and preparation

1 hour

Reiki session

Price: 60.00 $

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"Naran is like the angel that looks out for me when I have my breathing session. He's so receptive to me and allows me to be me. His presence even via Zoom is like a flow of feather-like energy. It's one thing to read books about healing and self-development and there's the missing puzzle which is Naran who I yearned in my healing journey long time ago". Sabba, Insurance broker; Montreal

"Naran is probably the most compassionate man I have met in my life! I was afraid to do breathwork with him in the beginning because I held so much trauma from childhood sex abuse, that I was ashamed of being seen by a man. He changed my beliefs about this 100%! through breathing with him, I was able to go deep into past traumas, bring them up for release and to see them in a totally new perspective which allowed me to learn "self-Love and self-Compassion" in place of shame and guilt. He is so real, so deep and so very gentle and kind. Do yourself a favor and work with him, it will change your life!".
Niki King, Registered Nurse; California

I've been dealing with depression and therapy for years with lackluster results. When my fiancee recommended breathing sessions I was quite skeptical, but eventually became open to it after her rave reviews.I've learned more about myself in one session with Naran than years of therapy. What was originally intended to be one session has now become a daily part of my routine.
I advocate breathwork for everyone.
S.C.-Finance Specialist; Montreal


Recovering from a medical accident and reflecting on what is important in his life, Naran embarked on a deconstruction journey to his true self in 2013.

Meditation, energy healing, Zen retreats, Self-Inquiry, Non-duality, Reiki, Pranayama, emotional healing processes, Somatic Experiencing, Breathwork and powerful journeys with the wisdom of the plants of South America and the Amazon were some of the few tools he acquired and embodied on his path.

As a certified Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Master/ Teacher, he is very passionate about sharing these gifts with everyone.

How I found my calling with Breathwork:

Peeling layer by layer through a variety of processes, Breathwork showed up in my life unexpectedly during a fasting detox retreat in Costa Rica as part of the program.

After breathing and releasing for an hour the grief of my mother’s death, the story had taken a completely different meaning in my life, I could see with clarity all the false beliefs attached to the story and I could feel the weight on my body lifting like vapor.

A sense of freedom from the past had nurtured my soul. That same week I had the chance to subscribe to multiple sessions, which I did with no hesitation.

Breathing through the memories of a terrible accident I went through in 2008 where I almost lost my life, I discovered that my body had unconsciously stored old unprocessed emotional and physical trauma that I had been dragging along for years impacting unconsciously my life in multiple ways.

After breathing for weeks in multiple sessions, unraveling, unlocking, releasing and embracing these burdens, I knew I had to share this awareness and presence that Breathwork had brought into my life.

I was able to understand many things that I had been questioning for years and a feeling of freedom and liberation filled my body more deeply with each session.

I am passionate about Breathwork for the personal transformation I have seen in myself and the ones who accompanied me in this process of unlearning and discovering the truth within. 


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